JCF-B-1 Fly Fishing Fundamentals Rob Sloane

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Author and FlyLife Editor Dr. Rob Sloane provides an Introduction to fly fishing for Trout. This best selling book has been reprinted again! All you need to know to get serious about fly fishing for trout. User friendly question and answer format - more than 100 essential questions answered, with supporting photographs and illustrations. Fifth reprint 2003 (originally printed 1993) 142 pages, Hardcover.

Price  $35.00 AUD


JCF-DV-2 Casts that Catch Fish

FFF Master Casting Instructor Carl McNeil demonstrates the essential presentation casts.
Each cast is explained step by step in plain simple language with the assistance of slow motion and graphical overlays.
These casts should be considered vital ammunition in the arsenal of all fly anglers of both fresh and salt water.fly fishing dvd

The Five Essentials of good fly casting

  • Roll cast
  • Pile cast
  • Wiggle cast
  • Tuck cast
  • Curve casts
  • Aerial mend
  • Reach mend
  • Bucket mend
  • Dealing with the wind

Runtime: 50 mins
Format: Universal, plays all countries (Both NTSC and PAL compatible)
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I have been cleaning my fishing room and here are some books many out of print and one or two are very scarce.
Plus a complete set of FlyLife Magazine in very good condition.
Let me know if you are interested in any of these.

FlyLife Magazines volumes 1-68 as New.
Will not split up.
Collect in Sydney or can post (extra)
Price $700.

A jerk on one end by Robert Hughes. Price $15
Fishing Season by Philip Weigall. Price $30

New Zealand Masters on Fy Fishing $25

Many of these are now out of print

Fishing for the Educated Trout

Murray Books Sydney 1978, 8vo Illust 206p D/J. Light hearted reminiscences of trout fishing in Australia, New Zealand, India and Great Britain –Fine.
Price $40

Freshwater Fighting Fish

Murray Sydney [1964], 8vo Illust 256p. Green cloth cover. A practical book on Australia's sporting fish of lake, stream and river mouth a fisherman regarded by many as the most practical freshwater fisherman Australia has produced. No Dust Jacket- Good.
Price $35


The Canberra Fisherman
by Bryan PRATT

Australian National University Press Canberra 1979, 8vo Illust 120p.. Pictorial Boards. Contains detailed descriptions of the fish, their distribution, feeding, breeding, and migratory habits of fish in the Monaro area.. For anglers of all ages.
Price $20

The One That Got Away
by Harry HILL

Kangaroo Press Sydney 1996, 8vo Illust. 104p. Soft Cover. Trout Fishing in the high country of NSW. A seasons (October to May) report on places adventures,
success and failure by local enthusiast fly fisherman. - Fine.
Price $45

Trout Fishing - A Season on Monaro
by John HEDGE

Abbey Publishing Co. Sydney 1968, 8vo Illust 288p. D/J, illustrated endpapers, 8 colour plates, 19 b/w photos, 11 maps, many line drawings. The experiences of a fly fishing enthusiast on the rivers and lakes in southern New South Wales. The author is highly regarded fly-fishing expert; this is a real 'where-to-fish' from a 40-year Monaro fisherman. Sl wear to D/J o/w - Fine.
Price $200

The Lure of Fly-tying

Sydney 1978, 8vo Illust 423p D/J - A comprehensive guide to the experienced fly tyer and the beginner. Includes chapters on the trout and its food, the wet and dry fly, nymphs, bucktails, streamers, fly tying in practice, beetles, grasshoppers, terrestrials, materials, saltwater fly's and adopted overseas patterns. A must for every fly-tyer
Signed by the Author- Fine
Price $80

Australian Insects
John Child

Cheshire Lansdowne Press Sydney 1968 revision. soft cover 12mo Illust 109p. An introduction to the fascinating world of Australian insect life covering most of the species providing natural fish food .
Price $30


Strategies for Stillwater
by Dave Hughes

Stackpole Books Harrisburg 1991. 8vo Illust 246p. D/J Black and white sketches and photographs. The tackle, techniques, and flies for taking trout in lakes and ponds. 'Hughes…delivers no nonsense information that can be used immediately by anglers at all skill levels' Field and Stream -Very Fine. Price $45.00

Trout on a Fly
by Lee Wulff

The Lyons Press Connecticut 1986,1st edn. 8vo Illust 180p. D/J. Lee Wulff was the master fly fisherman and teacher. This book opens a chapter on the trout world and follows with chapters on the water, food, temperature, trout vision and the trout's environment. The second section deals with fly selection, tackle, presentation, and playing the fish. It could change the way you a fisherman sees and approaches the trout and its world. - Fine
Price $45.00

fly fishing dvd

Price $55.00 AUD

fly fishing dvd

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fly fishing ebook

Fly Fishing the Lakes and Dams of the Central Tablelands
By John Coles
John shares his knowledge of fly fishing the waters of the Central Highlands from his many years spent discovering the joys of fishing this wonderful area. Sent as a PDF booklet
PRICE $6.00 AUD.


fly fishing ebook

Fly Fishing the spawning runs of the Coxs and Wollondily Rivers and their Tributaries
By John Coles
John shares his knowledge of fishing these remote areas. Learn many tips that he has discovered over many years. Sent as a PDF booklet
PRICE $6.00 AUD.



Fishing in Wild Places
by David Street

Softcover. Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd, United Kingdom, 1995
David Street spends one month each year fishing in remote corners of the British Isles such as the Welsh hills and the Western Highlands. Here he ponders the natural beauty through poetry and reflections on the great outdoors, and depicts the people he meets along the way. Very Good. Price $30.00

Nymphs and the Trout
by Frank Sawyer

Adam & Charles Black, London, 1974. Hardback. Book Condition: Good Dust Jacket Condition: Has a couple of small holes + spine 2nd (revised) edn reprint. Clean Price $50.00

Gone Fishing
By Michael Horden

Hardback with Dust cover
Published 1995 by Michael O'mara Books . An anthology of stories and extracts from books about fishing. Included is the writing of John Buchan, H.E. Bates, Neil Gunn, Ernest Hemingway, Norman Maclean and Patrick O'Brien. Very Good
Price $50.00

The Trout and the Fly
by Brian Clarke and John Goddard

A & C Black London 1984, 4to Illust 192p D/J. A new approach. One of the most important modern books on flyfishing. Based on research undertaken in the UK, Ireland and US this is pioneering stuff on rise-forms, presentation, and on the way natural and artificial flies appear to the trout. The development of techniques and imitation from the research makes this book a classic. Many photographs and line drawings Library plate of private collector. - Condition dust jacket has a crease on the back, otherwise very Good. Price $45.00

The Trout
by Rupert Watson

Swan Hill Press Shrewsbury 1993 1st. edn. 8vo Illust. with specially commissioned paintings and many colour photos 200pp. D/J A clear and concise coverage of many aspects of the biology of the brown trout including evolution, breeding, life and growth, predation, food and feeding and the freshwater environment.- Very Good
Price $60.00

Fly Dressers Guide
by John Veniard

256 pages Publisher: A. and C. Black.
4th Rev Ed edition (1970) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good.
Price $45.00


By Gary A. Borger

Book Description: Tomorrow River (1995) Wausau, WI, 1995. Very good , light shelf wear cloth lightly edgeworn, tears on dust jacket. Prev owner's name inside front cover.
Price $250.00

A basic book
by Gary A. Borger

Stackpole Books Harrisburg 1979, 8vo Illust 192p D/J. Easy to use guide to identifying, tying, detecting the strike, and proper presentation . With insights into retrieving the nymph, fishing the surface flim and finding trout in still water- Fine. Price $45.00

Solving Fly-Casting Problems
by Lefty Kreh KREH

Lyons Press New York 2000. 8vo oblong, illust. 90p. Soft Cover. Advice from the master angler on casting further, improving accuracy, casting in windy conditions, taming tailing loops, casting under branches, changing the direction of your casts and much more. - Fine $25.00

Argentine Trout Fishing
by William C. Leitch Paperback

This book explores the trout fishing opportunities in Argentina. Complete with do it yourself budget guide. Maps and really great information.
Two handwtritten locations on facing page. Very good. Price $45.00

Trout Biology, A Natural History of Trout and Salmon
by Bill Willers

Lyons & Burford, 1991. 273 pages. Hardback
This is an excellent compendium for the fishery biologist who wants to look up a long-forgotten fact (e.g., how a trout eye accommodates), for the avid angler who wishes to enrich his sport by assimilating all the information available on the life history of these legendary (and sometimes mysterious) fish, and it could probably be used as a text for teaching an introductory course in trout biology.
Very fine. Price $80.00

Jason Borger's Nature of Fly Casting: A Modular Approach [Paperback]
By Jason J Borger

From professional fly-fishing educator, Jason Borger, comes this perception-changing look at the learning and teaching of fly casting. Jason's intuitive Modular Approach and Three Phases will help you dissect and understand casting and mending quickly and effectively. These empowering concepts were developed through years of observing the ways people learn about fly casting. Whether you are just beginning, want to improve, or are teaching, this book was written to help.
Used - Very Good. Price $450.00

Fly Patterns of the Umpqua Feather Merchants
By Randall Kaufmann

Publisher: Umpaqua Feather Merchants
Date of Publication: 1995
Binding: soft cover
Edition: 1st Edition
Condition Used Good. Price $50.00

Tales from a Fisherman's Log.
by Zane Grey

Hodder and Stroughton Auckland 1978. 4to Illust. 117p. Stories from the diary kept during by Zane Grey during his second visit to New Zealand in 1927. Covers the excitement, disappointments, triumphs and emotions and camaraderie amongst his companions whilst deep sea fishing in the Bay of Islands and trout fishing the Tongariro River. Scarce - Fine
Price $150.00

The Estuary Fly Fisher
By Steve Raymond

Paperback,96 pages. Publisher Frank Amato Publications (May 1996)
Condition Used Good. Price $45.00


Trout Flies Proven Patterns
by Gary LaFontaine

Helena Montana Greycliffe Publishing 1993, 4to Illust 260p. D/J. The author presents over sixty two nationally proven fish taking flies and the information needed to fool fish consistently. He also provides Fine observations of the habitat, the fish and techniques and top to bottom analysis of everyday situations in all types of trout water. - Very Fine
Price $80.00

Joe Humphreys's Trout Tactics
Updated & Expanded

An updated classic in hardcover. Tips on casting, nymph and wet fly patterns, hints on controlling fishing depth, and much more.
Price $40.00

fly fishing dvd

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