Shooting line . . It could not be simpler!

When I first saw the Flexi-Stripper I thought “Could it really work?”…Well it does! You simply strip the line onto the prongs and they hold the line in place!

  • shoot line a whole lot further
  • be more manoeuvrable
  • have less wear and tear on your fly line
  • when travelling at speed the line stays in place.

Unlike other stripping basket the Flexi- stripper is so easy to use.


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"Stripping baskets are an invaluable accessory in both fresh or saltwater fishing. In wading situations surface tensions often makes shooting line difficult, then there is always something else to catch your line, shrubs, coral, even on some boats.
I have used a variety of stripping baskets. Recently I borrowed one from a colleague because I had forgotten mine, it's called the"Flexi-Stripper" and was invented by a Danish Fly Fisherman.
It is the best I have ever used. Now, if I had seen this in a shop I probably would not have bought it. It's not a basket as such but rather a platform with plastic prongs on it and it works like nothing else on
the market. You can strap it just above your knee, on your thigh or waist.
What I like about it is that you can strip fast, you can be careless the loops of your fly line stay put even in loose coils and is almost unaffected by water.
Don't take my word for it buy it you'll never be without it. That's exactly what I did."

Gordon Dunlop.

flexi-stripper"I wore the Flexi-Stripper on my left leg !! Other strippers restrict full arm action, however, a leg mounted Flexi-Stripper permits a natural full arm strip rather than having to modify arm movement to drop line into a central location. Also, there is no vision obstruction when walking / stepping over logs etc. Indeed a leg mounted Flexi-Stripper allows you to sit on a log without having to remove it.
Did the Flexi-Stripper foul line when shooting ? Not once ! Did line fall off the fully loaded Flexi-Stripper whilst walking .. not once. The line remained secured by the 7 cm long silicone fingers. Sides would have been a hindrance .. as they are with most stripping baskets.
What first seemed a risky novelty turned out to be the best stripping platform I have ever used. "

Dave Wilson, Sydney Fly Rodders

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A unique casting aid, makes shooting line so easy!




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