Casting Workshop
I just wanted to pass on our collective thanks for Sunday’s workshop.  I imagine teaching a group with such wide-ranging levels of proficiency isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, but each one of us came away feeling like we had learned a lot, received some good personalised attention, and our casting was improving, so thanks again.
John J

"Thank you for such a wonderfully interesting weekend. We found the way you separated the weekend into three stages was very helpful for us beginners, beginning with casting techniques in the paddock, a day on the relatively 'snag free' dam and then ..... the stream!!  How lovely it was to see the beautiful countryside, enjoy the great company and the wonderful food!" Sue Morrison

Re The Full Day Introduction to Fy Fishing: Thanks a lot for the course, it was enjoyable. It was well structured and you have a good teaching style. I teach beginners difficult motor skills too, and I know it takes some patience!
Micah Friend

Hi John,

Having got back and finally recovered from jet lag, I am writing to say many thanks for two brilliant days fishing. We caught some really good fish, particularly the browns!  I appreciated not only your helpful advice and tips on how to improve my technique, particularly casting on rivers, but also your mastery of the art of fly fishing and not least, your patience.

We had a great time, even if we did nearly get stuck getting out of the farmer’s field!  Thanks for showing me a small part of rural New South Wales - I only wish I could have spent longer in Australia but the next time I visit, we will have to go out again. 

Best wishes
David (UK)

"I have been using JCF CREEK and RIVER fly rods for the past 4 years I have found them extremely good to use. They will cast 70 to 80 feet of line without much trouble.
The action is quite soft but there is plenty of power and most of my clients who have had lots of experience enjoy using them.
Clients who are beginners have also learnt to cast in a short time using these rods.
I would recommend them to both beginners as well as experienced fishers

Phipps Onslow
Tasmanian Trout Tonic

Hi John

The day at the stream got me definitely hooked on dry fly fishing. Nothing beats a rise, followed by a good cast and finally catching that spotted fish.The stream itself was very interesting to fish. A lot of obstacles where fish can hide, changing flow directions, calm sections, fast running sections,… we had it all.

The water was not that clear because of the rain the days before but those 5 rainbows and the brown I landed just hammered the dry flies. I’m just remembering the trout which jumped towards the fly before the fly hit the water and the 2lb+ fish that came off in the final battle will also stay in my memories. Your instructions which were always very helpful will improve my fishing here in the Swiss rivers. It seems that you have a lot of patience when it comes to fishing.

Thanks for making this such an amazing and pleasant day!
Philipp, Switzerland

"Thanks John for arranging a fantastic weekend's trout fishing.  The locations and fishing were wonderful.  Your attention to detail and ability in reading the water and expertise in techinical tuition were an exceptional help and to top it all the food was a treat."

James Snelling, UK

Hi John

What a great 3 days at Oberon, beginning with the extremely helpful casting tuition on the first day, the improvement in my casting was worth, to me more than the value of the whole trip itself.

Your patience, guidance and skill in ironing out my faults will be treasured always.

The fishing and the knowledge you passed on re streamcraft and gear selection will assist me in my future fishing endeavors.

Lastly, your cooking was delightful and the accomodation was first class in such a wonderful setting.

Kind Regards and thanks again
Keith Bragg

Thanks John for a memorable day I was on a family holiday in Oz and had booked John for a days fly fishing on the web.

I am an experienced fly fisher but wanted a guide for ease of access and so on.

We met at the camp park in Oberon bright and early Sunday 11th Oct and headed to the Fish River.

I fished all day catching I think about 10 browns using deep nymph/indicator tactics and dry fly, the river is beautiful with long glides and some deep holes in a wonderful setting.

John is a professional and this was reflected in the day, from providing all the gear including socks if needed, a hearty lunch and his knowledge of the river made it a day I will never forget.

To travel so far about 10,000 miles from Ireland it was a great pleasure to catch Australian trout on the fly and it was made all the more enjoyable as John had organized it all leaving me just to fish. Thanks John

Regards Terry Walsh

Many thanks for a great day of learning!
It was fantastic that you managed to balance the salt and fresh aspects of fly fishing through the day.
I came away with much more than I thought I would.

Gary Burke, Sydney


“I was warned by John on the first night of our three day stay at Oberon that once the fly fishing bug bites that there is often no turning back. After the trip I can confirm that is very much the case.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be acquired, and having a guide with so much experience is of enormous benefit. During the three days we gained a very practical introduction to fly fishing, including the equipment and of course casting technique.

The weekend was most enjoyable, from the accommodation, to the cooking, to the company. I will definitely look at further trips with John to further my fly fishing education.”

Jon Reilly, Sydney

I had a fabulous "beginners" fly fishing weekend at Oberon.
Thank you so much-learnt all the basics and fished lovely rivers with beautiful scenery.
I could place my line where I planned and managed to pull in a fish!

Your breakfasts were only surpassed by your sensational dinners, not to mention the wonderful homemade chocolate cakes awaiting us on our return to the welcoming lodge.

Thanks John, I look forward to repeating the experience

Penny Smyth, Ireland


John is a great teacher, calm and patient He was also good and easy company and a great cook. As my husband said at the end of the weekend, he fitted the four of us like a glove.

Dinner on our first night was fantastic and breakfast the next morning even better. We are all heavily into the whole cooked breakfast shindig on holidays and John had eggs, bacon, sausages …even black pudding for the northern Englishman in our party! The food for the rest of the weekend continued in the same vein.

The rest of the weekend was spent learning to cast and fishing in different parts of the countryside, we just wallowed in John’s organisation and care. A platypus, snake and many different birds were spotted. We had a great weekend and could happily do it again…… maybe when the next trout fishing season starts.

Amanda Carter

"John's thorough knowledge and enthusiasm gave me a great start to appreciating and enjoying fly fishing. My two sessions with him prior to going to New Zealand made a huge difference despite my novice status."
Michael Lee

"Thank you very much for an excellent weekends fishing, you were an excellent host (& cook) and ensured that I had some of the best fishing I have experienced."
Rupert Morton

"I have been a fisherman all my life but only recently taken up fly fishing. John's course really hit the mark, having a well-rounded introduction to the theory and technicalities of fly fishing, gear preparation, gear selection as well as having plenty of opportunity to practice casting."
Richard Vahtrick


"May I say thank you again for a sensational few days on the Tumut, I shall remember it for a long time. If you are interested in getting the full package in learning how to catch your first trout on fly, this stream craft weekend is the best. Fully guided by someone who knows the streams better than his back yard, fully catered ( he’s a chef as well), with just the right amount of hands on and hands off tuition, this trip is a must do.
Christopher Miley

"Without hesitation, I would say that John Coles is a genius when it comes to explaining the whole process and significance of fly casting and teaching you how to do it.
His knowledge and experience came through again and again throughout the day. I have never been to seminar or a coaching where the teacher had so cleverly constructed his course. He explained the nuances of the rod, the reel, the line, the hook and special knot tying in such a way that my lifetime as a keen saltwater fisherman had simply never appreciated.
I might conclude that by the end of the session, all of us (including a lady who had never been fishing) were successfully casting into the wind and achieving distances that we did not believe possible".
Quentin Munro




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