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The minimum order is one dozen flies and please feel free to mix and match your order or choose a box set. These are some of John's most popular flies.

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John Coles grew up in England with a great love of fishing. When he migrated to Australia in the early 1980s, he couldn't believe the opportunities available to Fly Fish on spectacular rivers, streams and dams across Australia.

In 2004, he set up John Coles' Fly Fishing and became the first person to offer a 'Learn to Fly Fishing Course' in Sydney. He started guiding and tuition trips (which usually included gourmet food) to locations in NSW. Over the years exploring the Tablelands and Snowy Mountains and gaining the trust of Local Landowners he had access to streams and dams that had been locked to Fly Fishers. 

His online shop was set up to supply the essentials for Fly Fishers, particularly beginners. John soon started taking guided trips to his favourite fishing locations in New Zealand and the Pacific Island of Kiribati.

Sadly John was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, but despite the terrible progression of this disease he was always engaged in his great love of Fly Fishing, passing guiding to his protege Josh who is now the owner of Aussie Fy Fishing and a brilliant Fly Fishermen.

John’s wife continues to run the online shop, his Son is keeping tight lines & fishing on the incredible rivers of British Canada & his Daughter is planning to take some trips with Josh before she takes on the fly fishing world. John found his resting place on a quiet stretch of the fish river affectionately named by his friends, Colesy’s run.